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Sending a web-page: manual chapter feedback and discussion

Feedback on the following chapter:

The page should be updated (or rather deleted completely) because the Send a Webpage function isn’t in the current version.

Looking at this and your other post, I suggest you do a fresh installation, because the “Send a Webpage” function certainly IS in the latest version.

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I swear to god it’s not showing up here. I deleted all the files and the database and completely started from scratch.
Uploaded files, edited config.php
Init DB
Disabled CKEditor plugin
Imported my email addresses using the ‘copy and paste’ option, into a new List
Went to Campaigns, Send a Campaign.

This is what I see:
No Send Webpage option.

@bcarney @alex01 You need to have the php curl extension enabled for this option to appear.

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I enabled it and now it is appearing. Thank you, and sorry for the false alarm.

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It would be good to document this requirement in the manual.