'Send URL Invalid' errors after failed 'Send Test'

I have been getting ‘Send URL Invalid’ errors when trying to send campaigns that I have used successfully for years which include HTML content loaded from a page on my domain. This has happened since I tried using the ‘Send Test’ button like a dope while queueing a campaign 2 days ago that appeared to fail.

Now it is as if phpList has lost its internet connection, and 2 test emails with no URL, just text, were active in the outbound queue overnight.

I successfully upgraded to v3.6.2, but the invalid URL errors remain. My hosting service recommended I contact the developer, so here I am with a sales ad for this coming weekend that needs to be sent to over 1,800 subscribers.

Thanks for your help
-Bruce Curry

@brucecurry Please show the URL that you are trying to include in the campaign, and on which page the error happens.

Thanks for the quick response

The HTML content is at

For existing campaigns, he URL error is displayed at the ‘Finish’ tab with a message that info is missing and ‘Send’ button will be activated when info completed

The invalid URL appears at first tab when creating new campaign


@brucecurry Can you enable VERBOSE in the config.php file
either add or edit an existing line

define('VERBOSE', 1);

then go to edit the campaign again. There should then be some extra output on the event log page.

Added new entry to config.php

Nothing new shown in ‘Content’ or ‘Finish’ tabs, but system events log now shows multiple entries for several new messages…

Checking http://treasurehuntestateservices.com/next/

Checking http://treasurehuntestateservices.com/next/ =>0

Unable to get lock for processing

Checking curl


@brucecurry Looks to be a problem when phplist tries to fetch that URL. Can you ask your hosting company to confirm that the curl extension is installed correctly, and that it allows outgoing requests?

Otherwise, you can try disabling curl and let phplist use a fallback method to get the page.

How do I disable the curl?

That sounds like the quickest fix to getting my ads mailed out


Never mind, I just found this info for cPanel and will try contact host service first

Thanks again,

@brucecurry As a work-around you could view the page in your browser, then view the html source of the page and copy that into phplist as the complete message.

Thank you for the work-around! It worked beautifully when I tested it.

Thanks for all your efforts on my behalf. If I can’t repay your kindness in the future, I’ll pass it along to someone else who needs it.

My best,
-Bruce Curry

My cURL issue was fixed over the weekend and I can send HTML normally again, but I can’t tell you more about the repair since it was done without my help.
I was hoping to figure out why the test broke my cURL in the first place in hopes it can be fixed

Thanks again for your help