Send to list using email address

I want to be able to set an email address for each list. Such as Roster, Board, Officers, etc. Each subscriber would be assigned to their appropriate lists. Then email could be sent from an email client to,… etc. Is this possible?

Thank you!

There is a “Submit By Mail” plugin that might do what you want, but it is apparently no longer supported. I have not used it so I’m not sure it functionally fits your needs, and of course the lack of developer support could rule it out for you anyway.

So am I correct that the only way to send mail using PHPList is by using the web interface?

Someone else can answer that more authoritatively than I can, but the Web interface is definitely how I’m using it. As I understand it, phpList version 4 (still in development) has an API – which can be used with a phpList 3.x installation – but sending campaigns is not yet available through that API.

To add to what I said earlier about using an API, today I noticed the REST API plugin for phpList 3.x. That seems to support sending campaigns (technically: creating campaigns, since processing the queue does the sending). Naturally I haven’t used it since I just ran across it, and I don’t know if API usage is something that works for you, but it does provide a way to handle campaigns other than through the Web UI.