Send an email when the recipient opens the privious email automatically

Hi ,
How can i send another email automatically when an email opened by the recipient.Is there any plugins?if there is anything you can do let me know.
Thank you.

@Abhishek You can create a campaign and use the Segment plugin to select only those subscribers who have opened a specific email. You would need to requeue that campaign periodically, say every hour, which means that it would not be sent immediately someone opens the original email but within a short period of time.


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That means the recipient will receive another email right sir?
should i need to set cronjob for requeue?:slightly_smiling_face:

@Abhishek Yes, using a cron job to run processqueue every hour means that the second email will be sent within one hour of the subscriber opening the first email.

@duncanc Could you please help me to set the cron job?
Thank you.

@Abhishek Please see the online manual

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Hi @duncanc thank you for your replay,But i already have a cronjob that is

*/10 * * * * USER=listprocessor; export USER; /usr/bin/php /var/www/html/lists/admin/index.php -pprocessqueue -c /var/www/html/lists/config/config.php > /var/www/html/lists/process_queue_cron.log

0 06 * * * USER=listprocessor; export USER; /usr/bin/php /var/www/html/lists/admin/index.php -pprocessbounces -c /var/www/html/lists/config/config.php > /var/www/html/lists/process_bounces_cron.log

Is this enough for segmentation also?
Again thank you for your patience .

@Abhishek Yes that runs every 10 minutes so should be ok.

Sir, I have another doubt about segmentation.
If i configure segmentation as when “opened” an email should be sent to that person right? and is there any way to track segmented emails are sent.

@Abhishek Please try this out on a test email to see how it works, and whether there are any problems.

ok, sir.thank you.let me try this out.

sir, i don’t understand this. When it configured segmentation it only sends to the previously opened users, not the whole lists.
I want to send to the whole subscribers and when they receive the email and opened it then another email should be automatically sent to them, That’s what I need. I am confused, am I doing this properly?

@Abhishek You need to create and submit two campaigns.
Create the first campaign, send to your list, no segment conditions.

Create a second campaign, send to the same list, set it to requeue every hour, and create a segment condition for those subscribers who have opened the first campaign.

On the Segment tab, the drop-down list of previous campaigns will include the first campaign only after it has been sent, so you need to send the first campaign before editing the second (although you can create the second campaign apart from the segment condition in advance).

when the second campaign is sent it will be sent to only those subscribers who have opened the first campaign, and have not yet already received it. Because it is set to be requeued every hour, only those subscribers who have opened the first campaign in the past hour will receive it.

Ok, sir let me check it and will update you…

Sir, I got this and its working fine but is there any way to sent emails immediately after the person opened?

@Abhishek No, hourly is the minimum period for requeueing a message.