Send a webpage - URL is no longer working for me

I’m not sure when it stopped working (i’m on 3.5.5) but when I put in the url of the .html email template, and send that using no Template, I’n now getting the attached screenshots that show the message received with only the footer.

Screen Shot 2020-07-25 at 5.05.54 PM|690x307

Not sure if this has something to do with it?

  1. [Security Fix]: Cross Site Scripting Vulnerability on “Send a campaign” page: The “Send a web page” URL value has now been encoded and the emails set to receive the notifications are verified.

@nathanlang Possibly on the Content tab when composing you have clicked the “Compose Message” radio button instead of the “Send a webpage” button.

Update - even when the wrong radio button is selected phplist seems to send the web page. What is the URL that you are trying to use?

If this is the URL that you are trying to use then it is returning 404 not found

Thanks for getting back Duncan. I have always used the Send a webpage - url to select the html template to use. I have attached a .zip archive (as I cannot upload more than one screenshot… in it you will see that I have been in fact selecting the send a webpage - url (not compose) to send emails. That function (send a webpage - url) now sends an email with only the footer, and a link at the top of the received email that reads: [ I xxx’d out the actual name of the html for the purpose of reporting this for support here on the forum. I can provide anything you need to look into this further. Thanks so much again for your help.[|attachment](upload:// (97.0 KB)

@nathanlang the URL that you are using is returning a 404 error.
On the Compose tab what does phplist display about its validity when you entered that URL

@nathanlang That is now working fine.
I notice that you changed the file extension from “HTML” to “html”. It is probably a good idea to use only lower case in file names because URLs are usually case sensitive


Duncan, thanks so much for all your help. I downloaded and re-copied the list/admin files

A this finally fixed it. Perhaps something got corrupted during the last Update?

Anyway, it is all good now, thanks!

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