Send a campaign to users that not opened a previous campaign

Hi community!

I have a question about the sending messages. It works nice but, I would like to know if we can send a new campaign to users that not opened the first campaign.

I mean, in an easy way. That’s will be great to optimize the resources without generic a new list.

Thanks for your ideas or opinion.

@miguelss You can try the Segment plugin. On the Manage Plugins page, enable the plugin and follow the link to the documentation page.

Hi @duncanc

Thanks a lot for your answer.
I just see that you create it :smiley:
I will try it.

Thanks again and have a nice halloween :jack_o_lantern:

Hi @duncanc

Bravo. This plugin is amazing.
It works perfectly.

Thanks for your effor on this plugin and much more :wink:
Happy Halloween :jack_o_lantern:

The Segment plugin is awesome. It’s functionality I’d like to see in core.

Anyway, don’t forget that many people may open your campaign without that being detected. I cull my mailing list every 12-18 months, first sending a “looks like you’re not interested” message as a last chance to have them explicitly express interest in staying on the list, and usually I’ll get several people replying to say that they read all of my newsletters but their opens aren’t tracked. (I set a never-cull flag on those subscribers so they aren’t pestered more than once about not opening my campaigns.)

Add in the increasing efforts by mail providers to hide opens and clicks in the name of privacy, and we have an increasingly hard time meaningfully evaluating the reach and impact of our campaigns. Opens in particular are getting trashed, and ProtonMail at least is also disrupting click tracking (whether their users want that or not, I don’t see an option to disable it in my account).