Self-hosted PHPList unusual behavior

Hi community, I want to name this unusual behavior because I returned back to PHPList after 2 years and I’m seeing some stranger behavior on it.

I’ll describe below:

  • Batch sizes is no more than 300 emails per lot, even if I set up the highest value, it stop sending, not sure why
  • Queue is sending only when I click the “Process Queue” button
  • Cronjob is configured correctly using the manual, nothing happen
  • I have a campaing that says is “running”, but the send emails amount is the same every day
  • Amazon SES is configured as a plugin, but, looks like is using API instead of SMTP (I tried setting variables to use SMTP in config/config.php) same results.

NOTE: For some reason, I don’t know if this is the mainly reason, Amazon SES apply a free tier of 3k emails per month. 2 years ago I was able to send free 60k emails per day and after the quote if over, the extra emails was charging $1 per 10k emails sent. Something changes?

I didn’t realize this new PHPList version to get it working correctly, I’m try to understand each step to follow up and detect if the problem is on my self hosted installation or on Amazon SES.

In addition, not sure why the free tier exists if I want to pay as I go, any tip or help?

I’m hosting the software on a VPS with 2gb memory.

PS: I installed a new fresh version and imported the same 2 years old DB.

Thanks in advance for any help.

@alanmunoz Look on the event log page for the events written when phplist is processing the queue. That might help to explain what is happening. You can enable verbose logging by adding or changing this line in the config.php file

define('VERBOSE', 1);

Your cron job might be failing, so try running it manually or save its output to a file.

Thank you very much, your tip drive me to identify the issue. I was blocked because I had not use the software for long time.

I fixed the cron job process queue, it send the remaining emails in one shot. I’ll use cron jobs instead of the Process queue button.