Selecting to Specific Lists To Receive Campaign

I want to send a couple of test emails to a private list. In the dialogue box for selecting lists, the screen has conflicting information, and I’m trying to figure out how to send to just the one specific list.

For Example

In the first dialogue box, I have the choice to select all (I’m assuming this means ALL LISTS) or my test list.

However, when I click the @ symbol tab, I have more lists to check or not check. My issue is with the wording on the boxes.

Note the text at the top and bottom of both boxes that state

select the lists you want to send your campaign to.…*

Please select the lists you want to exclude from this campaign.

In the top graphic, I’ve selected Test List as the list I want to send too. On the @ symbol tab, I’ve selected All public lists and my public newsletter list. Is the order of selection here correct?

I reviewed the online documentation, but it didn’t mention the conflicting statements, and in the documentation doesn’t reflect the @symbol tab either.

If someone could clarify which way to go, I’d appreciate it.

Thanks, Monica

On the Selected tab, the “select all” checkbox is simply a way to check or uncheck all of the checkboxes below for the individual lists that have already been selected. This has an immediate effect.

On the other tabs the “All lists” and “All public lists” checkboxes are shortcuts to avoid having to select lots of checkboxes for individual lists. But you need to commit the page (next tab, save, etc) before those lists appear on the Selected tab.

Sorry for the delay in responding. Thanks! Just wanted to be sure before I sent something out.


Maybe it would add clarity to change it to read: “The Following Lists”

@NYChris That’s a good suggestion. For me the confusion arose with the fact that the verbiage on the top of the box conflicts with the text on the bottom of the box, as it doesn’t change from tab to tab. If a clarifying line of text were placed just above the list of mailing lists “inside” the box of each tab it would most likely eliminate any questions from future users.

Fortunately for me, @duncanc was able to clarify what to do in my case, and I managed to send out to my test list without a problem. :smile:


yes, I reported this already. It is not actually supposed to show on that page really. I will bump it.

Awesome, Anna!! Thanks!! I’m sure other newbies like me will be unknowingly grateful in the future. :smile: