Segment plugin question

hi, i installed the segment plugin. All good w/ installation. All seems to work at Campaign creation. I was able to create the filter, then the calculate button shows the correct amount of recipients under the desired criteria. HOWEVER, once the campaign is queued, the campaign status page shows this: X still to process. Sent: Y whereas X and Y are numbers and X+Y is the entire list so I am not sure the segmenting is happening. Judging by those numbers, it’s sending to the entire list. Is that what’s happening or does phplist goes thru entire list in order to pick the emails that fall into the segmentation criteria?

@otavio It is the latter, unfortunately.
phplist goes through the members of the selected lists and as it deals with each one allows plugins to accept or reject sending to that subscriber. While the sending is in process the statistics relate to all subscribers, so are misleading. Once sending has completed though, the “sent” total will be only those selected by the plugin.

@duncanc it may be a good idea to mantis this, so we can see if we can do something about that.

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considering the flexibility, that’s not a huge issue, knowing the segmentation works. thanks guys!