See who reported email as spam

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I’ve been searching and searching forever and I’m at a loss.

I’m 99% sure this can be accomplished via Googles Feedback Loop and I know there’s a setting in the config.php file - but that doesn’t allow you to see who marked your email as spam.

I have done a test to see what happens when you send an email and mark it as spam - the person stays on the list.

I have checked my “master email” for my PHPList instance - no spam reports
I have checked the return email - no spam reports

and so on and so forth.

Does A N Y O N E know how you accomplish this at all?

I just want to know who marks my email as spam so I can make sure I remove them and blacklist them to make sure they don’t receive any further email.

Every single google search in regards to it only shows up with “why are my emails going to spam”

Not being able to remove these complainers is hurting my domain / IP reputation.

@n0xr0x the description for GOOGLE_SENDERID in config_extended has a URL to a Google page that explains this, at least for Google. But I’m not sure that Google (and maybe other email services) will provide the email address of someone who marked an email as spam, due to privacy concerns.

Yeah, I agree with duncanc, it’s in privacy concern to know who reported your email. Like recently I have reported spammer at to this website complaint board to warn others