Search Subscriber List

I have a large group of emails that I imported to a private list. I sent a campaign notifying them that they’d agreed to be on my list via a promotion, but that if they had changed their minds,they could unsubscribed. Because I wanted to provide an incentive for staying on the list, I told them that if they modified their preferences they’d receive a free book.

That’s been working great, but the open rate is low, and I’d like to nudge those who’ve either not unsubscribed or changed their preference to do one or the other. However, I can’t find a way to determine who on the private list has actually modified their preferences and who hasn’t. The unsubscribers are easy, but I don’t want to send a nudge to people who’ve already changed their preferences.

I looked a Search Subscribers, but I don’t see anyway to search for the ones who haven’t modified their subscription.

Any suggestions as to something I’m missing or a work around??

Thanks, Monica

I Don’t think there is a menu to do this. It might need some direct queries to the database.

You also might want to install @duncanc 's subscriber plugin. It has some more advanced capabilities for looking up and modifying subscribers.

@Monica The Subscribers plugin doesn’t help with your problem.

But you could try exporting subscribers from the list as there is a choice of dates for selecting subscribers. Possibly “When the record was changed” or “Based on changelog” might do what you want.

@danwaterloo @duncanc Thanks, guys… I’ll see if Duncan’s work-around might do what I need to do.