Scheduled task, cron style and messages not sending


I had posted a query a day back about cron job/scheduled task setting. After trying a few things here and there I have done something that initiated the scheduled task through plesk (on windows server), however it used to stop in a few seconds/minutes. (attached screen grab of the settings).

After trying to tweak the setting, I guess I messed up and now the task shows as successful (in green with server response as 200) but it does not send any messages but shows some codes. (attached screenshot)

@glamsham what is the actual URL that is being fetched? It is not clear from the screenshots, but the first screenshot seems to show & being used instead of simply & in the query.

@duncanc You were bang on finding the error. It was a space in the url and hence &amp. I removed the same and it worked. However the issue still is that it stops and I have to run again… Am I missing something in config??

@glamsham When you use this approach, phplist will run for a maximum of one minute. That is an attempt to avoid a web server timeout due to a long running request.
So you should set the batch size, etc to be commensurate with that, and ensure that the scheduled task is configured to run periodically, say every few minutes.

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