Safe to switch from PHP 5.6 to >=7.4?


  • v3.6.7
  • Current PHP 5.6
  • Originally installed ~5 years ago via ‘Installatron’ shared hosting type package manager. Since updated via PHPL updater.

I’ve just upgraded my own code to PHP 8.1 compliancy and am ready to flip the switch on the server over to (ideally) PHP 8.1

Q: Is this safe to do when PHPL was originally installed with PHP 5.6 enabled, or do aspects of the install change on detecting the version of PHP, as in Composer managed installs? Would I have to run the updater again after switching?
Would it be an idea to instead to grab the composer lock and json files from the PHPL3 Github repo, run install, then somehow transfer all my settings across?

Also, are there any updates or insights on PHP 8 compat with PHPL? Obviously would be nice to be able to run the latest and greatest in Symfony / Laravel et al, along side PHPL on the server.

Many thanks.

@UtopiaOperaX php 7.4 should be safe. I use php 7.4.30 on two phplist/wordpress sites without any problems.

php 8 is probably mostly OK. A number of problems have been identified and fixed but I guess that there could be more, particularly deprecations.

There is a thread in this forum about php 8, the advice is to try it and report any problems.

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Thanks Duncan.
Guess I’ll back it all up before hand just in case, then suck it and see.