RSS Settings in Config.php Missing/Not Working - please advise

I think I’m totally missing the point or found something that is off in the documentation/setup around RSS feed setup in the config.php file and admin setup.

If you go to the following URL and search for RSS, you will see the section I’ve pasted below:

# PHPlist can send RSS feeds to users. Feeds can be sent daily, weekly or
# monthly. To use the feature you need XML support in your PHP installation, and you
# need to set this constant to 1

# if you have set up a cron to download the RSS entries, you can set this to be 0

The config.php and config_extended.php latest source code of PHPlist do not contain this section and therefore can’t be enabled.

I tried adding the above code/section to my config.php and config_extended.php file and changed the 0 to 1 like the instructions state.

I also double checked my php setup (using i.php) with my host and XML is enabled for PHP on my server.

I can’t get anything to show up in the settings that allow me to setup RSS feeds like the documentation here suggests:

Can someone please explain how to enable the RSS functionality? I’m totally stumped.

Hopefully it’s easy. I’m new to PHPlists

@gogogo The documentation that you are looking at is for an earlier release of phplist, 2.x. Much of it is still accurate but not regarding RSS.
For documentation please use for an online manual.
For RSS there is now a plugin. Within phplist go to Config > Manage plugins and click the link for “Find plugins”.

@duncanc Thanks for the answer. Makes sense now. I knew something was up :wink: