RSS plugin not sending the campaign

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Hello! Im trying to use the RSS plugin to send campaigns to my subscribers, and it’s not working. I’ve tried everything and can’t get it to send as an actual campaign.

While creating the campaign, I can send a test email, and it will work just fine. But if I actually sent the campaign and process the queue, I will never receive the message.

I set the embargo date to a week prior, fetch RSS items, send the campaign, and process the queue, and nothing.

I have not set up any cron jobs, and I’m manually processing everything.

I’m running the self-hosted version 3.6.4 on a Godaddy server.

Im at a loss. I really need to use this plugin to automatically send my articles from my WordPress site to my subscribers.

Thank you, and any help would be greatly appreciated.

You might be misunderstanding how to set the embargo. If it is set, say today, then the RSS items published in the past week will be included. If you really have set the embargo to a week ago then the items published in the week prior to that will be selected.

When you sent a test email, does that include the feed items that you expect?
Look in the event log for any messages issued by the plugin.