Resume sending after reboot

I’ve a problem with phpList.
I try to explain:
I have a phpList server that send campaigns to group of 10 mailboxes.
I had setup this server to send mail via crontab every 5 minutes and it send only 3 mails in a period (1 hour).

// Send a batch of 3 messages per batch period:
//batch period is set to 3600 seconds (=1 hour);
//autodelay in mailqueue

Sometimes I have to reboot my server, if I reboot the server while phpList is sending, it stop sending and I can’t resume that campaign. In webGUI i can see that this campaign is in running.

There are any way to do that I can resume my sending campaign after a reboot?


Sorry, I have this problem, there are any help?

Don’t use autothrottle, particularly for such a very small batch size. Sending only 3 emails in each batch means you don’t need to use a throttle.

After a reboot you should check the phplist_sendprocess table. You can delete all rows where the alive column is 1.

Hi @duncanc,
3 mails was only a test, usually I have batch size to 300 and send 1000 mails each time.

Which row shouls I delete?
mysql> select * from phplist_sendprocess;
| id | started | modified | alive | ipaddress | page |
| 12107 | 2023-01-25 09:12:46 | NULL | 3 | localhost:3160 | processqueue |


@mgraps You can actually delete all rows from the phplist_sendprocess table if you are not currently processing the queue or processing bounces.

It is simpler to use a value for MAILQUEUE_THROTTLE, if you want to spread-out the sending. The way that autothrottle works is not really well defined.

Thanks for the reply.
I want to keep the parameter to avoid going to spam list.
My problem is that the mail sending process could take a long time and I would like to have a way to resume sending in case the flow stops due to a reboot.

@duncanc can I restart the process without sending the emails again to users who have already received it?

@mgraps Yes, phplist will not send again to those already sent to.