Resubscription of a existing newsletter member

Hi together,
have the following problem with my php installation (Version is 3.3.1):

when a existing and confirmed member of my newsletter subscribes the newsletter again with the same already registered email-address the following happens:

  • the normal confirmation page is shown

  • the normal confirmation email is sent with the request please confirm

  • then the user clicks on the confirmation link

  • the normal “thanks for confirmation” page is shown + in English text: “We already received your confirmation previously.”

  • but no welcome email is sent

My problem is that is send new users a coupon-link with the welcome email in the last step. A lot of customers try to get the coupon again so they reorder my newsletter with their existing email-address. But they are waiting for the welcome email with the coupon - but the welcome email is not sent.

now my questions:

  • is it possible to send these customers also the welcome email ?
  • or another special email ? sorry no more coupon for you …
  • is it possible to change the text: “We already received your confirmation previously.” - where can i do that ?


@RalfB Much of the text for public pages is in the language file in directory/lists/texts.

You can stop people subscribing again with the config SILENT_RESUBSCRIBE setting. See config_extended.php for an explanation, then copy the setting in your config.php file.

Hi Duncanc,
thanks again for your help.
It´s working but here are the next questions :slight_smile:
Is it possible to customize the preferences page ? would be wonderful to delete the red marked things.


Hi Duncanc,
now i get the next problem …

i subscribe
i unsubscribe
i want to subscribe again > i get the new Page "A subscriber with that address already exists"
its not possible to resubscribe …

Hope you can help

No, that cannot be changed.
I don’t know about the problem with resubscribing.