[RESOLVED] "Send a campaign" page appearing blank with Content Areas Plugin


I’ve installed the Content Areas Plugin but when it is activated the page “Send a campaign” appearing blank. The menu and the title are visibles but forms to admin the campaign not.

Phplist : 3.0.12
PHP Version : 5.4.45-0+deb7u1


@sdesrousseaux Have you followed the installation instructions at https://github.com/bramley/phplist-plugin-contentareas , in particular the dependencies?

@duncanc thx for your answer

yes i followed this page.

  • PHP Version : 5.4.45-0+deb7u1 so later than 5.4.0
  • Phplist 3.0.12
  • Common Plugin installed

and i’ve remplaced these files :

  • admin/message.php
  • admin/sendemaillib.php

Have you enabled CommonPlugin on the Manage Plugins page?
You also need various php XML extensions installed, including DOM and XSL.
Possibly there might be something in the web server error log.

Other than these I don’t really have suggestions.

Yes the CommonPlugin is enabled!

On the server, various XML extensions are installed, including DOM but not XSL. I don’t see it in my phpinfo !

I don’t have access to the log, i ask it to my admin sys !

This is from my phpinfo for DOM, XPath and HTML Support need to be enabled

and XSL

Are you creating a new campaign or trying to edit an existing campaign that has a template?


I work with Sdesrousseaux .
DOM and XML are enabled.

We have this in phpinfo :

When I try to edit an existing campaign or create a new one, we have a blank page and we have the following error in php log:

[29-Sep-2015 15:25:42 Europe/Berlin] PHP Warning: set_error_handler() expects the argument (phpList\plugin\Common\Exception::errorHandler) to be a valid callback in /var/www/diffusion/phplist-3.0.12/lists/admin/plugins/ContentAreas.php on line 106
[29-Sep-2015 15:25:42 Europe/Berlin] PHP Fatal error: Class ‘phpList\plugin\Common\DAO\Message’ not found in /var/www/diffusion/phplist-3.0.12/lists/admin/plugins/ContentAreas/DAO.php on line 8

Do you have any idea ?

@avirlet It appears that you do not have CommonPlugin installed, or at least not the version mentioned in the installation instructions.

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@duncanc : thx for your answer

CommonPlugin is installed :

For me it’s ok, it works fine. No more blank page.
I’ve done a test with the sample template and i see the new tab with the title “Edit areas”
But I don’t know if there are still errors in php log

Glad that it is working but can you explain why you had this problem?
Are the installation instructions not clear about installing or upgrading Common Plugin?

@duncanc : no more php errors on the log. i don’t know exactly why these errors appeared.

xsl wasn’t enabled on the server, but Common Plugin was…

We follow the instruction for Common Plugin. In the installation instruction it is not mentioned to copy Common folder in plugins directory. Content area work since we copy this folder.

We always have blank page when we create or edit campaign but new php error:

[05-Oct-2015 14:02:28 Europe/Berlin] PHP Fatal error:  Uncaught exception 'ErrorException' with message 'DOMDocument::loadHTML(): htmlParseEntityRef: expecting ';' in Entity, line: 181' in /var/www/diffusion/phplist-3.0.12/lists/admin/plugins/ContentAreas/TemplateModel.php:116
Stack trace:
#0 [internal function]: phpList\plugin\Common\Exception::errorHandler(2, 'DOMDocument::lo...', '/var/www/diffus...', 116, Array)
#1 /var/www/diffusion/phplist-3.0.12/lists/admin/plugins/ContentAreas/TemplateModel.php(116): DOMDocument->loadHTML('<html>\n   <head...')
**2 /var/www/diffusion/phplist-3.0.12/lists/admin/plugins/ContentAreas/TemplateModel.php(109): phpList\plugin\ContentAreas\TemplateModel->loadHtml('<html>\n   <head...')**
**#3 /var/www/diffusion/phplist-3.0.12/lists/admin/plugins/ContentAreas/TemplateModel.php(172): phpList\plugin\ContentAreas\TemplateModel->__construct('<html>\n   <head...')**
**#4 /var/www/diffusion/phplist-3.0.12/lists/admin/plugins/ContentAreas.php(114): phpList\plugin\ContentAreas\TemplateModel::isTemplateBody('<html>\n   <head...')**
**#5 /var/www/diffus in /var/www/diffusion/phplist-3.0.12/lists/admin/plugins/ContentAreas/TemplateModel.php on line 116**

Right, I will update the instructions for that. But you should install plugins through phplist. The manual approach is only for when the automatic does not work.

The new error looks to be caused by incorrect use of an html entity in the template. It appears that the trailing ‘;’ is missing. The entities must be correct, e.g.

&amp; &uml;

the problem was the & in the link :

<a style="word-wrap: break-word;color: #f4a41d; font-weight: normal; text-decoration: none;" target="_blank" href="https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10153174228872655.1073741836.43083507654&type=3">Retrouvez toutes les photos de cet événement</a>


for “data-type attribute”, if i set the datatype to “editor” like :

<div data-edit="intro" data-type="editor">

fckeditor doesn’t appear, i’ve only this green bar with “intro” and “Close” :

Or fckeditor is enabled :

One idea? thx

@sdesrousseaux Yes there is a problem with fckeditor. I will issue a fix later today but if you want to you can edit one of the plugin’s files - ContentAreas/EditorProvider.php

add one line near the start of the file


namespace phpList\plugin\ContentAreas;

use FCKeditor;

@sdesrousseaux There is new release of the plugin that fixes the problem with using fckeditor. You should upgrade through the Manage Plugins page.

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thx for your help and for for this new release, it works with fckeditor !

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