[RESOLVED] Captcha plugin audio


Captcha plugin installed, but I can not install the translation of the audio.

Put the audio/pt/ and tried to put in two ways:

1 - securimage.php file
public $audio_path = ‘/audio/pt/’;

2 - sucurimage_play.php file
$img->audio_path = $img->securimage_path . ‘/audio/pt/’;

I put various forms of path, but could not. The securimage is installed in the /public_html/securimage/

Put full link with domain, it did not work

Can someone help me?

This is the only change that you need to make. I tried a few files from https://www.phpcaptcha.org/download/#translations
The French and German files played but neither of the two Portugese files worked. Instead the message “there was an error generating the audio file” was played.
You will need to raise this problem with the secureimage project.

The second portuguese files (Contributed by Messias Nascimento) will work but you need to change the permission of the pt and pt2 directories to allow the web server to read them. From a terminal window in the audio directory give them the same permissions as the en directory

chmod --reference=en pt
chmod --reference=en pt2

The files in the first portuguese translation (Contributed by Flavio Lucio – ITECH SOLUTION) seem to have the wrong bit rate.

Worked, thank you