[RESOLVED] Can't seem to find which messages a subscriber opened

It seems to me in previous versions of phpList, if I viewed the record of a subscriber, I could see which campaigns the subscriber opened. This would give me a quick feel as to whether the subscriber was still engaged.

I recently updated to version 3.4.3, and just now tried pulling up a subscriber record. I could see the entire list of campaigns sent to this subscriber, with the date of the outgoing message; but there was nothing to indicate whether the message had been read. Was I simply unlucky in my choice of subscriber, or has this useful information been removed?

Never mind. I was unlucky enough to select a dormant subscriber. I just pulled up a subscriber who I know is actively monitoring his emails (hint, that subscriber is ME), and the record of opened messages is appearing.

@JEfromCanada Welcome to the forum! Happy to hear you resolved the issue.