[RESOLVED] Bounce messages not being picked up with POP

I’ve never tried to configure bounce messages, and with my list now reaching 10,000 users and running for a decade, I have accumulated quite a few that should be purged.

I have gone through the documentation and set things up to use a POP mailbox. I cannot use an MBOX as I’m on DirectAdmin.

I’ve used telnet to go into port 110 on my server, from my server, and I can log in with the username in the format user@domain, and using my password. All of the POP3 commands work when I test.

I can connect from a remote system with either POP or IMAP and I see bounce messages.

For some reason I cannot determine, PHPList cannot find any of my bounce messages.

I’m ready to start putting PRINT statements in the code next to see why I’m not getting though, but I expected there to be some place I could see errors if this is not connecting. Nothing is showing any errors. No log files are showing that I’m not connecting, there are just no bounce messages showing in PHPList.

Any guidance would be helpful. TIA

The issue is resolved.

IMAP support was not built into PHP for Apache, only for PHP on the command line, so all my command line testing was just confusing me…