Resolve mantis #18945

this line in list/admins/ui/php-ui-bootlist/functions.php

if ($page_title ==‘userclicks’) $page_title = s(‘Click Statistics’); /* REMOVE AFTER RESOLVE MANTIS #18945 */

stops the ver 3.3.3 from loading… when commented out things work.

Please explain

@johntrot That code is incorrect, as it refers to an undefined variable.

Because phplist generally ignores errors that was ignored. But some of my plugins enable error reporting which meant that this particular error was not ignored, causing the failure.

I think that I have fixed the error reporting so you should update plugins that are not the latest version. The Manage Plugins page now shows which plugins have updates.

Apparently this is now fixed…
I updated your plugin as suggested,
uncommented the first line in admin/ui/php_bootlist/functions.php and no problems.

However, I am having other problems with ver 3.3.3
I will discuss those issues in another topic

Thanks for this prompt fix.