Remove Tracking URL?

Hi All -

So my PHP list server is not publically accessible. Port 80 specifically, we use it as a mass notification system to our customers. I am attempting to a link a URL to another website in my mass email, however it then automatically appends the hostname of the server to the URL and since its not open to the world, it doesn’t redirect to the actual URL I need it to.

Can I remove the auto appending of the server hostname tracking URL and just have it use the direct URL I want to link to in the email?

@webairmike You need to disable click tracking by setting CLICKTRACK to 0 in config.php

@duncanc thank for the quick reply. As it turns out, I just checked my config_extended.php file and it is set to 0 already. (SS attached)

@duncanc ahh! ignore me, I read config.php and mentions I would need to move any of those extensions to config.php if I wanted to use them, moved CLICKTRACK to config.php and worked perfectly. Thank you!

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