Remove phplist logo from emails - PHPLIST HSOTED

Hello, I am a paid user for phplist hosted. I would like to have an option to remove powered by phplist as it is causing my emails to land in spam folder. I understand it is there to promote phplist branding but its hurting email reputation as using the logo in emails gets them flagged as spam (as the same logo is found in the spammed messages).

I am using hosted version of phplist and testing things out currently.
Even if I send a simple hello message, it gets flagged as spam automatically by gmail. Now, obviously if I mark the email as not spam, it will not change anything as it will be required by mass to do some the same.

I understand that in self hosted version, which is available for free, users have the option to disable phplist signature… but the public hosted paid users have no such option… I have not had such an experience before…

You should ask the hosted support people. As I remember, there was a version you could subscribe to that removed the logo… it was a premium feature.