Remove grey bar on homepage or subscribe page

I am using phpList 3.6.9 and PHP version 7.2 on VPS.
I would like to remove the grey bar/strip that appears at the top of the homepage or say subscribe page. If possible I would like to remove this bar from all pages.


I have upgraded to 3.6.10 and everything works fine but the issue remains same.
I have tried to change colour from color.css but nothing happens.
Is there anyone’s, who knows how to do it?

@Emily You can customise the public page by modifying the Header and Footer sections when editing a subscribe page, or by the master fields on the Settings page within the subscriptions-ui settings.

Hello @duncanc
Thanks for your reply but when I see the header part: rel=“stylesheet” href=“styles/subscribe.css” type=“text/css” / rel=“stylesheet” href=“styles/color.css” type=“text/css” /
Where’s the code for gray strip?

Which part I can change either in subscribe.css or in color.css or in both for white or green or any color instead of gray?

Once again thank you for your reply.

@Emily If you use the “developer tools” (or some similar name) in your browser then you should be able to see the styling for that element or one of its parent elements and where that styling originates.

Hello @duncanc
As I see color.css is responsible for colour on public pages but when I am changing the colour codes mentioned in color.css nothing happens.
You’re one of the developing member of phpList but your answers are not straightforward!
If possible then please let me know the piece of that codes.
My question is as simple as possible to change the color and nothing else!
Thanks for your valuable reply.

@Emily Sorry but I don’t know which CSS you need to change. I was suggesting how you can find out by using the developer tools in the browser. That will show the css rules that apply to that element.

Also, I am not one of the phplist developers, just trying to help out.

Hello @duncanc

I am talking about the top header section, where the LOGO of the site placed.

Here’s a sample of that, and sorry for mentioning you as a member of phpList development team.


@Emily Right-click on the bar, choose Inspect. You are then in the developer tool which I mentioned.

This shows you the elements of the page and the CSS styles being applied. You need to look at the enclosing elements until you find the one that is using that colour and which CSS class or id is being used.

From that I can see it is the navbar-inverse class that sets the background colour.