Release candidate testing: sign up to get involved

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We are trialling some new ways to get involved in phpList development. The first change is the introduction of a release candidate system, which we will test over the next few versions. If you want to sign up to receive release candidates, add your email below. Send me release candidates What is a release candidate?…

Hey @duncanc @NYChris @justinputney @Dragonrider etc, you can sign up to get Release Candidates now :smiley: I will be sending access to the first one tomorrow evening I hope. Exiting :smiley:

Hi Anna,
Don’t know about the other guys but I’m very loath to put my email on a publicly viewable forum or site in general.

Hi, it’s just a normal phpList list sign up, not publicly viewable etc x

Not sure whether it has deliberately been added or left in by mistake but the new “phplist Hosted News” section looks out of place.

To me it looks like unnecessary marketing and doesn’t add anything new or interesting for a self-hosted admin.

Raised on Mantis

Got to disagree with you there Anna:

Add your email below suggests that you are asking for us to post our email addresses right here, in public view.

There was a subscribe box right below the text, an ajax form. Was it blocked for you??

Hi, yeah, (as we know for mantis, just sating here ftr) this was named wrongly. It is actually community news, not news. Think it makes a good addition now the fonts have been dealt with.

Well, either way, I edited the text so that if the AJAX subscribe box is not visible (as it did not seem to be for you) then it’s a little clearer what the issue is :slight_smile: Thanks for flagging it up @Dragonrider