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when sending from a company I have a problem at extern link

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The version of phpList you are using.
Your server version of PHP
The url to your installation where possible. (eg:
Which browser (and version) you are using to view your site.
Is your installation self-hosted or on (In which case, your best option is to submit a support ticket).
What exactly is the issue (screen snapshot can be helpful).
What you have done to try to fix the issue so far, including links to any documentation you have followed.

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version phpList ltd. - v3.2.5
Server version of php Version:
browser:google chrome
my problem is if add a url jaafar : in composition sg
I recvoi email but if I click on link I drafted

I think the link you’d need to use is

I fear that you may also need to get your host to upgrade their PHP version to 5.3+

You have installed phplist in the wrong place, you don’t want to have “public_html” as part of the url. I recommend sorting this out before you go any further.
See the installation guide

sorry php version 5.3

this my config.php


# what is your Mysql database server hostname
$database_host = '**';

# what is the name of the database we are using
$database_name = '**t';

# what user has access to this database
$database_user = '***t';

# and what is the password to login to control the database
$database_password = '***'
$pageroot = '/';
$adminpages = '/list/admin';

# if you have an SMTP server, set it here. Otherwise it will use the normal php mail() function
## if your SMTP server is called "" you enter this below like this:
##     define("PHPMAILERHOST",'');

define('PHPMAILERHOST', '');

# if test is true (not 0) it will not actually send ANY messages, but display what it would have sent
# this is here, to make sure you edited the config file and mails are not sent "accidentally"
# on unmanaged systems

define('TEST', 0);
# Envoyer un lot de 60 messages par période :

# Durée de la Période : 600 secondes (= 10 minutes): 

# Pause entre les messages (en secondes) pour éviter de surcharger le serveur:

# Traitement par lot (batch processing).
# Si vous êtes sur un hébergement mutualisé, il sera probablement apprécié si vous n'envoyez pas
# un grand nombre d'e-mails en une seule fois. Pour réaliser ceci vous pouvez configurer le traitement par lot.
# Notez, que les valeurs des deux paramètres suivants peuvent être surpassé par votre hébergeur, en utilisant
# une configuration globale du serveur. Donc, peut être le cas si vous remarquez que ces valeurs sont
# différentes en réalité,

# Définiez le nombre d'e-mails que vous souhaitez envoyer par période. Si cette valeur est 0, le traitement par lot
# est désactivé et les messages seront donc envoyé aussi rapidement que possible.

# Définiez la longueur de temps d'une periode de traitement par lot, en secondes (3600 est une heure)

# Pour éviter de surcharger le serveur qui envoie vos e-mails, vous pouvez inserer une petite pause
# entre l'envoi de chaque e-mail. Ceci aidera a répartir la charge de l'envoi.
# Vous devrez trouver une bonne valeur pour votre propre serveur.
# La valeur de ce paramètre est en secondes. (ou vous pouvez jouer avec le paramètre 'autothrottle' ci-dessous)
# FCKeditor est maintenant inclus dans phplist, mais son usage est expérimental. 
# Si cela ne fonctionne pas pour vous, mettez ce paramètre à 0
# NOTE: Si vous activez TinyMCE, s'il vous plaît désactiver FCKeditor, et vice-versa.

# Si vous voulez transférer des images FCKeditor, vous devez spécifier l'emplacement 
# du répertoire où les images devront aller. Ce répertoire doit être accessible en écriture par le serveur Web
# et doit se trouver dans la zone de votre document publique (site Web).
# Le répertoire est relative à la racine de PHPlist tel que défini ci-dessus. 
# Ceci est un risque potentiel pour la sécurité, donc vous êtes priés de lire pour plus d'information. 


# TinyMCE Support (
# It is suggested to copy the tinymce/jscripts/tiny_mce directory from the
# standard TinyMCE distribution into the public_html/lists/admin/plugins
# directory in order to keep the install clean.
# Set this to 1 to turn on TinyMCE:


* Settings for handling bounces
* This section is OPTIONAL, and not necessary to send out mailings, but it is highly recommended to correctly 
* set up bounce processing. Without processing of bounces your system will end up sending large amounts of
* unnecessary messages, which overloads your own server, the receiving servers and internet traffic as a whole


# Message envelope.
# This is the address that most bounces will be delivered to
# Your should make this an address that no PERSON reads
# but a mailbox that phpList can empty every so often, to process the bounces

# $message_envelope = 'listbounces@yourdomain';

# Handling bounces. Check README.bounces for more info
# This can be 'pop' or 'mbox'
$bounce_protocol = 'pop';

# set this to 0, if you set up a cron to download bounces regularly by using the
# commandline option. If this is 0, users cannot run the page from the web
# frontend. Read README.commandline to find out how to set it up on the
# commandline

# when the protocol is pop, specify these three
$bounce_mailbox_host = 'localhost';
$bounce_mailbox_user = 'popuser';
$bounce_mailbox_password = 'password';

# the "port" is the remote port of the connection to retrieve the emails
# the default should be fine but if it doesn't work, you can try the second
# one. To do that, add a # before the first line and take off the one before the
# second line
$bounce_mailbox_port = '110/pop3/notls';
#$bounce_mailbox_port = "110/pop3";

# it's getting more common to have secure connections, in which case you probably want to use
#$bounce_mailbox_port = "995/pop3/ssl/novalidate-cert";

# when the protocol is mbox specify this one
# it needs to be a local file in mbox format, accessible to your webserver user
$bounce_mailbox = '/var/mail/listbounces';

# set this to 0 if you want to keep your messages in the mailbox. this is potentially
# a problem, because bounces will be counted multiple times, so only do this if you are
# testing things.
$bounce_mailbox_purge = 1;

# set this to 0 if you want to keep unprocessed messages in the mailbox. Unprocessed
# messages are messages that could not be matched with a user in the system
# messages are still downloaded into phpList, so it is safe to delete them from
# the mailbox and view them in phpList
$bounce_mailbox_purge_unprocessed = 1;

# how many bounces in a row need to have occurred for a user to be marked unconfirmed
$bounce_unsubscribe_threshold = 5;

# choose the encryption method for password
# check the extended config for more info
# in most cases, it is fine to leave this as it is
define('ENCRYPTION_ALGO', 'sha256');

@jaafar Please use the preformatted code button </> when copying html or php code.

You should move the lists folder up one level so that it is immediately beneath /. Then the url for phplist will be

On the Settings page ensure that the web site is

Also, in the config.php file

$pageroot = '/list';

remove the line for $adminpages as that is no longer used.
You have changed the folder ‘lists’ to ‘list’. It is simpler if you keep the default settings, unless you are sure what you are doing.

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but still the same problem

Not Found

The requested URL /list/lt.php was not found on this server.

Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

@jaafar You have not moved the lists directory as I recommended, phplist is still accessed at

The $pageroot variable in config.php has to match the path to the phplist folder.

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thank you very mich this is resolved