Redirection (click tracking) isn't working

I can’t seem to get the click tracking / redirection to work on my phplist. It gets a 404 error. (The link is to an amazon page)

I can’t figure out if this is because Firefox is stopping it because it is http not https and gives a warning about not being secure, or if there is something else I should be doing.

I added the following to my config.

// Click tracking
// If you set this to 1, all links in your emails will be converted to links that
// go via phpList. This will make sure that clicks are tracked. Default: 1
// If you disable a URL conversion, set to 0.
define('CLICKTRACK', 1);

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

I’ve disabled this for now since I can’t seem to find any more information in the manual. I must be doing something wrong.

@Rick The location you are using for phplist isn’t accessible, it gives a 404

Maybe you have installed phplist in a different directory?

Ah! I think I might know what the problem is! I think it is because I don’t have the right port.

The issue was that because I’m not using the standard port I needed to change the website address to include the port.

Thanks for the help. It got me looking in the right direction. Should have figured it out earlier! But it works now. :slight_smile: