Redirecting to Login Screen Loop

I just upgraded to the newest version. I had 3.6.7, and went to 3.6.8. I am not sure what happened, but after not logging in for a little while to 3.6.7, I was in an admin login loop. I would successfully login, and it would see the admin menu, but ANYTHING I clicked on would bounce me back to the admin login screen.

I upgraded, but now when I login in, the admin page barely loads for a split second, and I get bounced back to the login page.

I deleted everything with a fresh upload, but it still won’t load.

What can I do?

@blackvault Try deleting cookies in your browser for the phplist site.

I don’t think anything changed in release 3.6.8 to cause this, and given that something similar happened when you were using 3.6.7 then there might have been a change to the php configuration by your web host. You could raise this problem with them.

I used a different browser with no cookies, and started fresh. Still the same issue.

Nothing has changed on my webserver, either, that I am aware. I asked them about this specific issue, but they said I would have to contact the script developers.

@blackvault When you are returned to the login page, does the URL show something like this


If so what is the value of the err parameter?

It actually doesn’t have one. This is what appears when it bounces me back to the login page:


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