Redirect problem

I have setup phplist and everything works OK, clicking on any link keeps me in the context except when I click on “start new campaign” , I am redirected to the instead of
Any idea or any config that I need to update.
Thanks in advance.

@shahhetal Possibly you have the wrong value in your config file

# if you change the path to the phpList system, make the change here as well
# path should be relative to the root directory of your webserver (document root)

$pageroot = '/lists';

You might also need to change the URLs for subscribe, unsubscribe etc. on the Settings page.

I did a fresh installation, and modified the $pageroot to $pageroot = ‘’; before initializing the database, but in the admin panel it keeps redirecting to /lists and I get page not found.

based on a previous post, I made it empty quotes instead of a “/”. [SOLVED] Pageroot problem after upgrading to 3.3.7

I haven’t seen any other posts addressing it.

This is located in the root directory. /var/www/html

Sites enabled config file document root = /var/www/html