Redirect 404 Not Found to Would you like to re-subscribe?


When I remove a user who is inactive I’d like them to see something other than 404 Not Found if, and when, the try to click on a link in a campaign email from the past.

Ideally, it would give them the opportunity to re-subscribe.

Is there a way to do this in phplist.

Note: I’m not looking to simply unsubscribe users in my system who are inactive - I’d rather remove them entirely because I prefer to slim down the database to actual active users than increase database size with many unsubscribes.

@pancakehollow you can provide a custom 404 page that is used when a link click cannot be resolved but also when a non-existing public page is requested. Look in config_extended.php for the details.

Hi Duncan!

Yes, I finally was able to get that to work - however my tests show that it will only produce the custom 404 page with existing links in an email. If a user somehow requests any other type of URL that is still directed at the phplist install, they get a standard 404 message.

More importantly however, is the real reason for my question which I never made entirely clear and maybe should be another thread - let me know if I should make the following elaboration on this question, a different thread:

If someone is blacklisted, they are still able to click links and get properly re-directed. However, I’m wondering if it’s possible that once someone is blacklisted can we have an option to send them to a custom URL?

The reason is if someone is blacklisted, and they are still clicking on links, I’d like to advise them that they are, indeed blacklisted, thereby giving them the opportunity to get back on a list. As it stands now, someone who gets blacklisted by an admin because of any variety of reasons, doesn’t know they are blacklisted because links still work. So this could possibly recover some lost subscribers.

I don’t think any other bulk mailing system offers this and it could be useful.