Reconfirmation of subscribers

In transferring a website, including phpList with 700 subscribers, to a new hosting service, I’ve moved the phpList files and the database tables to the new host, and phpList works there correctly (although I haven’t yet used it for sending to a mailing list). Migration to the new host appears to be complete, including all of the subscribers and their histories.

It’s possible that the new hosting service will insist that all of our existing confirmed subscribers be asked to reconfirm their subscriptions in order to continue receiving our emails. That would be essentially a repeat of the standard confirmation process whereby each person received a message asking them to click on a link in order to confirm (or reconfirm in this case). Is there a way to do this? I’m running phpList 3.3.1. As usual, many thanks for your advice.

If you have transferred the whole database it will still have records of subscriptions, what host that was on is irrelevant.
What I am saying is you installation is host independent and if your host disagrees, move again!