Receiving CC copies of each email Sent

Using phplist 3.0.6 and this issue is not browser specific. I am handling bounces manually at my reply-to address. I have sent out 38 different messages to more than 600 recipients each time and this is the first message that I have experienced this.

For each of the 600+ messages I received a copy in my own “reply-to” email. I don’t know if it’s a cc, bcc or something else but the headers seem to be correct and I can confirm that everyone is also receiving their copy of the email.

I haven’t changed any config files from the last time, I sent a message. I am a PHP developer so I don’t mind getting my hands dirty in the code. Is there anything anywhere in the code or config files that would dictate that I should get a copy of each message?

You should be able to send without getting a copy of every email sent. Did you look at the source of the email that you received, so you can look for a clue of where the email came from?

Who/what are you using for MAILER_HOST in the configuration settings?

Here is the appropriate line from the email headers.
X-Mailer: PHPMailer 5.2.5

The headers show the appropriate email addresses in the to: from: and reply-to: fields. There is no reason from the headers that I should be receiving a duplicate. I’ve looked through the phplist config.php file and I’m not finding anything that would indicate that phplist should send me a bcc or cc.

What are you using for your smtp server, perhaps the mail server is configured to copy you on every email you send.

Nope, because using the same mail server in other contexts doesn’t produce the same results. I sent another message out yesterday through phplist and DID NOT get cc’s of each email this time… I’m at a loss, I’ll investigate further if it happens again I guess.