Rebuild DB Database

My phplist has recently been hit by a bunch of spam sign ups. I want to rebuild the database since it has gotten a bit out of hand. I’ve never used the rebuild function and was unable to find exactly what it will do. Can someone give me the basics?

What problem are you trying to solve? The Rebuild DB indexes function is only checking that the required indexes exist. Unless you think that is a problem then best to leave it alone.

I’ve been hit with over 2 thousand adds that are bogus and never confirmed. I’ve deleted them. I’ve got about 850 +/- subscribers, but index is showing that the index is up over 3K. It’s been running very slowly going from page to page and I’m wonder if it might be because the index has been expanded.

@Digiplay You can use the OPTIMIZE TABLE sql statement to reclaim unused space which I guess will also apply to table indexes.

But that is outside of phplist. You can run the “Verify the DB structure” page in phplist to see whether it shows any problems with any tables.

I will try those options. Right now phplist is running very slow. All other sites on the that server run at normal speed, even the main site that phplist runs on.

Optimize command will remove empty spaces in the database table, but it does not reduct the file size for innodb tables. to do a complete optimize and shrink the table file size, you need to export the table to an sql file, and then drop the table, and then create and restore using the sql file bakcup.