Re-subscribing leaves users still blacklisted


We have a quite small community where we believe our users will from time to time be more or less active, which also means that for some periods of time we’re assuming they may want to unsubscribe from our newsletter…

The issue I can see is when they once again become more active and try to sign up for the newsletter again… Everything looks just fine for the first steps, entering the info into the subscription page, getting a confirmation request on the email, but when clicking on the confirmation link you’re greeted with a message claiming succes, you’ve just been added to the following lists: “We already received your confirmation previously.”

From the admin view I can also see that the blacklisting of the user that was done previously still sticks to the user even though it’s done the full sign up process again. As such, once a user has unsubscribed from a list no matter how hard he/she tries will never get any emails from a list they try to subscribe to later on, unless the administrators manually go in and either remove the user or the blacklisting…

I’m guessing this should probably be written up as a bug report? Scanning mantis I found a few “duplicates” which have historically been fixed/resolved… and Maybe time to put this one up on some form of regression test between versions? Should I maybe open up a new bug report for this?

The problem was introduced in a recent release but should be fixed in the next release, 3.0.13 see this Mantis report

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I don’t see this as being that urgent (the subscription/unsubscription pattern will probably be over a few months), so it already being fixed for the next version is far beyond sufficient!

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!