Re-send confirmation email to un-confirmed

Hello all,

I have a client that’s asking to add a button that will re-send a confirmation to individuals whom are unconfirmed. They want it for individuals and not a mass confirmation for some reason.

Any help is appreciated

@weales The way to do this now is through the Invite plugin

Also the Subscribers plugin has a command to resend the confirmation request email to specific subscribers,

But note that the emails are sent out with no delay, so do not obey any batch settings or throttle which do apply to campaign emails. That was one reason this function was removed from core phplist.

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Thank-you for taking the time to explain this. Unfortunately the client I am working with on this requires “one click” buttons to do such tasks. This example is something an old developer did for them way back in 2014. I’m trying to review their code but it’s proven to be somewhat difficult and probably beyond my current knowledge and understanding of php.

Is there an active area here to perhaps have a dev look into this and compensate them for thier time?

Yes, please have a look here.

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@weales Depending on the version of phpList you’re using, you may want to switch to the newer Trevelin theme, as this has some improvements.