Re-register for every list separately

We now have 2 lists set up, which is nice and working. However:

When someone has registered for the first list and then registers for the second list, the first one is being displayed as also having been subscribed to. This would not be too dramatic for our use case (although not ideal), however can we somehow tweak phpList, so that when registering for a 2nd (or 3rd) list, the full registration cycle is being run again - sort of making 2nd or 3rd registrations be fully separate events with user ids (mail addresses) being separate from earlier list registrations?

Thank you very much

Is this impossible without major re-coding? Just would like to know, so we can explore other routes to achieve what we would need in our case. Thanks

@Tom1 You might try having multiple subscribe pages, each with only one list.
If someone wants to sign up to a second list then they would have to do that through a second subscribe page, entering their email address again. I’m not sure what they would see on their preferences page though.

Hello Duncan, I re-checked our setup. We have 2 subscribe pages, and each one only offers 1 specific list. However, when the user subscribes to the 2nd one all he gets is a mail to confirm the subscription (double op-tin). The next mail (Welcome, your mail address has been added to xxxx list) which arrives with the initial subscription to the first list is not being sent. And that one in our case would have a different text from the first one. Thanks