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Hi All,
Is this description to modify the class.phplistmailer.php current in getting phplist to work with gmail?


That article is about upgrading to phpmailer 5.1 but phpList already ships with 5.2.22 (

@samtuke, I’ve been trying to set phplist up with my G-Suite but i cant seem to receive the emails i sent out. How do i check if the system is even attempting to send the mail out?


If phpList says that subscribers were sent to, then they probably were, and certainly sending was attempted. The SMTP server must accept the message for it to be marked as sent in phpList. If the SMTP tries and fails to send then a bounce will be generated, and should be shown in phpList.
Your SMTP / mail log can tell you more exact details, like when Gmail accepted your message.

Gmail is notoriously unpredictable. Delivery to Gmail is hard.

@samtuke i’ve now come across an error when i tried to send out a test mail. It said

Error sending email to SMTP connect() failed.

I’ve read the troubleshooting link and to my best knowledge my firewall is not blocking port 25, 465 or 587.What makes it more evident that this is not gmail’s fault is that i am able to use my thundebird to send emails using this account and also send test mail from using this same account.

I think this narrows down to probably config? Any ideas how to narrow down what exactly is at fault here guys?

Thank you.

The ‘smtp connect failed’ means that the connection between phpList and gmail is not setup properly. if you are trying to relay through gmail, i.e. use phpList to send emails from your gmail account, using the gmail smtp servers, this is a tricky setup, and you are very limited to the number of emails that gmail will allow you to send… they don’t want people using gmail to send emails in bulk.

if you can send using thunderbird, then those settings (in Thunderbird) would be the best place to start in setting up the phpList connection.

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