Re-permission campaign requiring explicity ToS action


How is it possible to send a re-permission campaign in phplist such that, in order for the user to be removed from the blacklist, they must explicitly check the “I agree to the ToS” attribute after clicking the link bringing the subscriber to the phplist site?

I’ve been testing the workflow for migrating our users into phplist as follows:

  1. Import CSV of emails & attributes from our old system = spreadsheet (whose default delimiter in phplist is not a Comma; it’s a tab. but I digress)
  2. Send re-permission campaign via the Invite Plugin to blacklist all current subscribers
  3. I click the “[CONFIRMATIONURL]” in the email I received, and I’m immediately unblacklisted

What I would expect at step #3 above, however, is that I would be taken to a page showing me a link to the Privacy Policy and asking me to explicitly check a box agreeing to it, then–after clicking a submit button–I would be unblacklisted if-and-only-if the “I agree to the ToS” checkbox was ticked.

Is there any way to achieve this?

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