Randomize send order

Is there a way to randomize the send order ?

I seem to be having problems sending to yahoo (hotmail,ymail etc.) lately as I’m sending too fast (I think).
I am already throttling with a 3 sec delay between mails.

The problem is I import the mails from our CRM and many of the domains are consecutive, if I can randomize these domains away from each other (mostly) I am hoping to keep the same throttle settings but with other domains in between yahoo ones I will have a better chance of being within the threshold.

I hope the above makes sense, using phplist v3.4.3.
Domain throttling kinda does the opposite and puts them all together in a smaller batch which slows the whole send by a LOT and affects mostly gmail of which we have more addresses and is still too fast for yahoo.

any help appreciated.

I am not aware of a way to randomize the sending order within phpList. My understanding is that the sending is done in either the order that a list is in when it is imported, or by the userid number in the database.

One possible work around is to sort by email address, which would most likely mix up the order of the domain names.
Another idea is to make separate lists, and somehow design a way to use a different delay for each list… i.e. hotmail list gets a 10 second delay, etc… The delay is set in the config.php file, so this might require more than one install of phplist. It’s a much more complicated setup.

Thanks Dan,
my Yahoo issue seems to have resolved itself :wink:

I agree sorting by first letter of email would probably do it, then I guess a re-index is needed - my sql-fu is indeed dangerous in a bad way.
Also I suspect this only need be done once in a while as future imports will keep the present order for existing records (with the settings i currently use).

I will look into this for future use if need be - then tread as lightly as possible, but for now things Yahoo wise seem back to normal.

Thanks again.