Queue processing is working only by cron


I setup a campaign (email to forum users) and I set it up to auto-run (if I use the correct term) via the cron. the issue is when I add new subscribers (manually) its not possible to “start” the campaign -again your terms are sort of confusing- so to send the email ASAP to the new members instead waiting next day… this is weird.

example: I added a test user and I m running this command from the

phpList - phpList version 3.4.7 © 2000-2019 phpList Ltd, https://www.phplist.com
phpList - Started [0.0037550000] (115)
phpList - Script stage: 6 [0.0006740000] (119)
phpList - Finished, Nothing to do [0.0001490000] (120)
phpList - Finished, All done [0.0009210000] (125)

I bet the next day the darn thing will sent the mail.

I really dont understand whats going on, is it because I setup the cron job, so the list refuses to process manually? really weird

@uxware you probably need to requeue (or resubmit) the campaign.

Just adding a subscriber to the list won’t make phplist resend any campaigns, you need to do that on the Campaigns page.

thanks for the help.

I tried the “resend” option , (Resend button)
still nothing at all…

The only thing the “events” page says is

Giving a Unique ID to 1 subscribers, this may take a while

(its the “new” test user I added today I assume)
then no processing , nothing, but so far from my tests, the list will
process tomorrow (via the cron)

@ux if you want the campaign to be sent straightaway by the cron job then it needs to run very often, say every few minutes. It sounds like you are running it only once each day.

If this is a real requirement, as opposed to just experimenting, then you should use the automatic requeue functionality but that has a minimum period of 1 hour. Or try the Autoresponder plugin. In both cases though you need to run the cron job more often.

nope, my crontab is this:
*/5 * * * *

(thats another weird thing…) supposed to run every 5 min , but the campaing is being send once / day @ 10am

and -most annoying- there is no option to change the Requeueing
(thats a big minus)

@uxware sorry but it is a bit difficult to understand what exactly you are doing. These are the steps you should be doing

  • create a new campaign to be sent to your list and submit it
  • wait for the cron job to run on the next 5 minute boundary - the campaign should be sent to all member of the list
  • add a new member to the list
  • on the Campaigns page, Sent tab, requeue the campaign - it is then displayed on the Active tab
  • again wait for campaign to be sent on the next 5 minute boundary - it should be sent to the new member

I see, so as I set the campaing to be requeueing once/day so this locks the ability to force a resend now.

@uxware You cannot do both. If your intention is to automatically send the campaign to new members then just choose the most appropriate requeue interval. It sounds like once a day is not sufficient.

thanks, i got it, but there is no way then to change the requeueing , no options or something. not even a plugin?

@uxware I mentioned the Autoresponder plugin, take a look at that.

thanks a lot I will do.

I have sent over 1,800 campaigns and today in sending 1,812-1,817 it is giving me headaches. The unique views are unbelievable high and the campaign, which normally goes out in a couple of minutes has been processing for over an hour. I have 2,900 members in the list and unique views are 182,108 and this:
276 Still to process
ETA: Wed 15 Jul 18:05
processing 169056 msgs/hr