Queue not being processed

Hi, since I’ve upgraded to 3.2, my queues are not being processed. When I hit the process queue button, it comes up with the processing queued campaigns message, but that page never updates. It looks like it only sends maybe a dozen emails (I have the mail batch size set to 250 and the batch period 3600 seconds). I tried setting up a CRON job but there I’m getting this error “Error: Sorry, You (isiposs) do not have sufficient permissions to run phplist on commandline”. And as I said, it used to work perfectly before I upgraded to 3.2. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

This message probably indicates that you have not modified your config file properly. Look for a line like this,

$commandline_users = array("");

The simplest change is to comment it out, with a leading #, or include the id that is being rejected

$commandline_users = array("isiposs");
If you cannot get the cron job to run successfully then using the phplist remote processing is the best other option, https://resources.phplist.com/system/remote_processing#use_the_hosted_service

That did it! Thank you!

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