Questions for a Windows Noob


I’ve some questions about phplist.

1.) Can I send a website, which changes weekly send to subscribers with iframe. In Email it works, already tested, but I’m talking about phplists internal “copy website content to campaign”.

  1. Can I send the same campaign every week or ever month from for example Monday to Wednesday.?

  2. Can you install it on Windows 10 or only Server Versions.?

  3. We have a website and a local server. is the right directory for this software?

  4. Are there settings for unsubscribers to select another list which could be interesting for them. I mean in the unsubscribe website. Is there any unsubscribe website in phplist?

  5. Is it safe to copy phplist to your website or if some hackers try to enter you website and /phplist can easily get in? Are there any password or other mechanics? Which read and write permission should be used on this phplist folder?

  6. Are there settings available for subscribers, which are no valid emails anymore and only send error messages to be automatically delete from this list, so we get lesser annoyance.

8.Do I need to use a MySQL database or other database not possible. I’ve mssql 6 in win server 2012 r2. Can I create a dB from there?

  1. How does the db gets processed, because php needs to be process. Can it be processed by our own server in background or must the browser be open still?

  2. Can I limit the mails send in one Minuten or hour. We have some sort of quota. I can only send 5 messages in one minute and that’s okay, but are there any configuration available.?

  3. I wanted to ask another question, but I think to make this forum more cleaner, I will open another thread about it.

I need this very urgently.

Hi no one who can help me out with this?

What kind of support? Any step for step installation guide for windows at least???

@thebyom phplist uses only mysql or mariadb databases, nothing else is supported. Also it runs on apache, the microsoft web servers are not supported although I guess that some people have got those to work.

If these are not show stoppers then please ask just one or two questions. If you really need consultancy support then this is not the right place.

Follow the link at the top of the forum page “back to”. There you can find the latest documentation.

So phplist doesn’t natively support windows server? Then this is only possible with workarounds… or does phplist claims to windows natively…?

@thebyom phplist is just a php application. If you can install apache, mysql and php on windows server then phplist may well run. There is nothing specific in phplist to make it work on windows server.

Okay Understand that point. Like a Java applet will on every system which supports Java installation. But the problem is how do I install Java (a metaphor for Java). It’s very crazy that there is no installation guide but whatever.

Okay we have a dedicated server and website on hosting system and databases on the host like the website. Now should I copy phplist to my websites index page? And creating a dB on the host from where site is hosted or on our own dedicated server in our sever room.

You understand why I’m critzing this so much. There are hundreds questions not answered still.

And how does the dB get processed without a server when the dB is on the host ???

@thebyom You can find the installation guide here and there is also some older documentation at

Also, see the README file that is in the phplist distribution zip file.

Sir, I already found this, but this has no interest for me. Where is the panel under windows? Where can I create a dB and where is the dB to be saved?

Can I create a dB from hosted hoster?

And how does phplist processes the Email (sending and unsubscirbing)? Do I have to let the browser running or can I close the browser, but how does it gets processed I don’t get it. Processing is done by browser which runs the phplist script or I need to attach it to windows server Microsoft SQL?

At least give me hint for how to it on how to create dB and make a weekly stock list which takes content from updated website… Please at least this help is needed…

@thebyom There is no specific installation guide for windows. If you have an account with then, if that runs Linux, I recommend that you install phplist there, not on windows.

Alternatively you might want to look at using the phplist hosted service, see There is a charge for that but you then don’t have the trouble of installing, running and maintaining phplist.