Question on using regex expressions for filtering sends

campaign plugin:version2.4.3+20221231
common plugin: version3.26.0+20230425
MessageStatisticsPlugin: version2.4.1+20230714
segment plugin: version2.13.2+20230403

When using the segment plugin and filtering via regex I will see a list of potential emails that match the specific case such as regex id: [4]$ will be all users whose id ends in the number 4.

However, after using this method to select recipients, and after the process runs, there will be some emails that show opened and others as not opened as is usually the case.

However, if I go back and run the same query after a successful run I will see the same list of potential recipients and I can likewise queue them up. The question is does phplist NOT send these listed emails, for example, [4]$, again?

It is confusing because if they’ve already been sent, and the query runs again, I am under the impression that maybe they will be sent again which of course I don’t want to do.

Does phplist check right before sending that it shouldn’t, for example in this case, send them another email is the question?

What do you mean by this? Are you creating a new campaign or have you edited the previous campaign, if so why?
phplist doesn’t send a campaign to the same person again, unless you do something to make it do so, such as the Campaigns plugin resend function. If the Segment plugin Calculate button is showing subscribers who have already been sent the campaign then you must have done something wrong.

Thanks Ducan. What I meant was that after sending out some emails based on the expression, for example, [4]$, somehow I was seeing the same emails listed as available to be sent again when I input the same criteria again just to check. But it turns out you are right they will not be sent twice even though I remember seeing them appear again in the list of, for example, [4]$. I’m not seeing that now so I don’t know what happened. Nevertheless, I appreciate the quick reply. I’ll troubleshoot some more and see if I can re-create what happened. Have a good day.