Question about the inviteplugin

It’s working nicely, and I’m getting confirmation emails when people re-subscribe.

I just think it’s odd that some say

“Subscriber has been removed from the do-not-send list

and some say

“Subscriber has been removed from blacklist

What’s the difference there?

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@mikerotec Did you figure this out? If the behaviour is replicatably inconsistent then please report this issue to the bug tracker, then others will investigate

I have no real answer, but I SUSPECT that it might be related to some subscribers coming from the PREVIOUS version of PHPlist ( we upgraded last year) and some were added since the 3.3.3 upgrade. Perhaps in the old version there was a different name for the same thing? Maybe? I’d have to check a few to confirm that suspicion…

@mikerotec The invite plugin was not updated in a long time as far as I recall, so the upgrade seems an unlikely candidate for explanation in my view. Also I believe there hasn’t been a major change to the blacklisting system in years.