Put people in a specific list using attributes and send emails using specific attributes lists?

Perhaps I’m thinking really wrong about how this should be done but I can’t find if it’s possible and how to do it in PHPList.

Say I have, for example, an attribute “sex” and an attribute “language”. How do I make it so that if someone says their “female” and “British” they (automatically?) get added to “list 1”. If they are “male” and “British” they get slotted into “list 2”. Etc.
So this way I could send out an email with discounts on certain male clothes in the British store to the British male subscriptions.

This is just an example. Is something like this possible?
Am I thinking wrong? Did I just look over it? Is there a plugin for this?


@Egon You don’t need to create different lists!

You can send an email to ¨males¨ who speak ¨English¨ using the segment plugin.

Check this out: https://resources.phplist.com/plugin/segment


Awesome! Again thank you @Angel. You’re an angel :innocent::sweat_smile: .

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