Put all users on blacklist with 1 error don't work


I sended a campaign for all my database, is old so I have got more than 50% bounces.
I check some bounces, the most is “address not exist” or “quote full”, but I want put all this users in blacklist.

In options I have this:
Subscribers -> Manage subscribers -> To blacklist all subscribers with more than “1” Bounces

I click but doesn’t work.
I can walkaround with option Mass remove email addresses, but why the bounce option don’t work?

I don’t have any rules added.

Thank you

@AMota You can blacklist subscribers through the bounce processing by adding this to the config.php file


then run the process bounces page.

You are the MASTER!!

That option is a hide resource, because I don’t find it in config_extend.
Now I will search how to move all users for a separate list

For the future automatic process bounces I need keep that option?
For now on I will set to 3 bounces, I have this option:
$bounce_unsubscribe_threshold = 3;

Keep this one for automatic bounce process or I change with yours?

I found your addon, fantastic!!!

It is best to use the same value for the two settings.

Yes i know, the value “1” only needed for this big clean.

So I keep both options in config file?

$bounce_unsubscribe_threshold = 3;