Proxy URL issue


I am setting up phplist on the following url :

For this in my config.php file I added :

$pageroot = ‘/mailing/’;
$adminpages = ‘/mailing/admin’;

admin part is working great.

But the issue is when the user go to the base URL, click on Subscribe to our Newsletters, the link here is :

Of course this url is wrong, how to tell phplist that lists doesn’t exist but is mailing instead ?


Where did you see this as an example? It is wrong in two ways
$pageroot must not have a trailing slash
$adminpages is no longer used.

If you change $pageroot after installing phplist then you will need to review and probably change a number of URLs on the Settings page, such as the subscription url.

I found this in an old forum I guess.
The trailing slash was just for testing. In fact I didn’t see the URL mapping in the Settings page.
Thank you for pointing me in the good direction !