Processqueue : Out of range value for column 'processed' at row 1


When checking the phplist journal I realized I have a lot of errors logged :slight_smile:

processqueue : Database error: Out of range value for column ‘processed’ at row 1

Any idea how to track down the culprit ?

Found the culprit. Culprit are plural.

I use the autorseponder extension. User database is around 180 000 members. An the autoresponder ‘processed’ value in the phplist_message table is defined with a mediumint which has a max value of 16777215.

The campaing is configured to send to new users every 20 mins. The processqueue is then increasing the processed valued everytime it is launched for processing… anb the ‘processed’ value has reached its maximum limit.

Workaround was to :

  • Empty the event log (2 GB size, one event every second almost !) - watch out for timeouts
  • Go to the Database and reset the ‘processed’ value to 0
    => No more event filling the log
  • Change th autoresponder campaing to launch every day instead of every 20 mins

Need to go back to the dev team to get a proper fix in the desgin of autoresponder pugin and/or update the type of ‘processed’ in the message databe to BIGINT.

@utagawa I guess that when you created the autoresponder, you used an existing list with subscribers. It is those that keep on being processed unnecessarily because they will never be sent the campaign (if you chose the “Only send to new users” option when creating the autoresponder).

I have made a change to try to avoid those subscribers being processed. You can update the Autoresponder plugin on the Manage Plugins page. You will also need to update Common Plugin as well.