“Processing queued campaigns” window has unusual display

hi, good to all. Im new here. Looking for help to solve the problem which looks as below:
The empty area should have some sending status shown up and a progress bar. Now only the phplist logo is circling and the others disappeared. none of emails is sent no matter how long i wait. This happened last Friday, and i tried a few times latter, all was still. Anyone can help solve this problem or point out the reason. I did nothing change on files from server, nor setting of system. It suddenly just happened without any notice. :confounded:

I would start by looking at the system logfile, and see if that provides any additional information…
(log into the web interface fo phpList, and look at the ‘system/log of events’ menu, and see if there are any entries that provide more detail)
Other things you can check are the php versions, and can you update the phpList or plugins . If you did not change anything on the server, it could be that your hosting provider updated php to a newer version and didn’t tell you.

hi, thank you for the help. Actually it is interesting that the problem just gone when the new version of phplist was released. I don’t mean that it is related to phplist version, it was probably a coincidence. In the meantime, i learnt to use cron to send emails, which has become my first choice rather than browser-based operation.
Anyway, thanks your concern, and hope everyone enjoys the phplist. :hugs: